Work With ME Personally to Turn Your Paralysis of Procrastination into Taking Aligned Action to Realise Your Full Potential And Live Your Dream

Do you ever find yourself coming up with a whole range of excuses why you can’t get on and do something?

Are you feeling paralysed with inaction while your life is being put on hold because you are at the mercy of procrastination?

Do you get angry with yourself and free fall into a hole of negative self-talk "I'm so useless, look at me I can't finish anything, I just make these half hearted attempts at life and setting up my business. Why am I so lazy."?

And Are You Ready To Do Something About This Now?

I’m Jane Jackson and I support Female heart-Centred Entreprenuers to become UNSTUCK. I do this using my unique combination of coaching and Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT / Tapping).

But what does Emotional Freedom actually mean? For me it means no longer being at the mercy of negative emotions or patterns which keep me playing small and get in the way of me succeeding in fulfilling my dreams.

As someone who has a history of childhood trauma and had a long battle with mental health problems, whilst also bringing up two children as a single parent, and working full time as a project manager in mental health, discovering EFT has been dramatically life changing. I'm so passionate about this technique that I trained and qualified as a practitioner, so that I could share this revolutionary tool with as many women as possible.

Whether we are in life, procrastination is something that can creep up on any of us at any time.

Introducing The 4 Week Excuses Be Gone: From Procrastination to Aligned Action Program

Did you know that procrastination can be a result of holding onto fear? No, me neither, until I had some amazing breakthrough EFT tapping sessions. And what those sessions revealed to me was that at the root of my procrastination was the fear of being judged, of getting it wrong and being ridiculed and really deep down the fear that “I’m not good enough”. After many EFT (Tapping) sessions with other women and doing a bit more research I discovered that these are very common fears or “limiting stories” to have in connection with procrastination.

If you are not familiar with Emotional Freedom Technique or EFT / Tapping, its comes under the banner of Energy Psychology and basically can help you to identify what your limiting stories and beliefs are, how they are holding you back and then you can release them by tapping on your acupressure points and talking at the same time. I know, if you haven’t come across EFT / Tapping before that can all sound a bit weird but it really does work. That is why I am so excited to be offering this Brand New EFT Tapping and Coaching Program called "Excuses Be Gone: From Procrastination to Aligned Action".

In each session we will focus on a different aspect of how procrastination is showing up in your life so that you can feel like you have been set free. No more excuses you’ll just get on and do stuff when you need to. It'll be like opening up the door that you have been shut behind all these years and now having the freedom to do what you have always dreamed of.

Here’s what some of my clients from other programs have to say about working with me:

“I really didn’t think I was a ‘stress head’, however I took part in the ‘Taking Care of Superwoman Challenge’ and found that in many stressful situations – I simply put things off. In fact, I’m the Queen of procrastination……and that’s my go to stress response. I hadn’t realized this before and just believed that deep down I must be a bit lazy. However, I now understand that it’s all fear based. The things that I know I need to do, but am fearful of the outcome – I put off (ta da problem solved. Except it’s not!). Thank you Jane for helping me uncover this root cause of my tendency to procrastinate. I am now using EFT to break down all this resistance and ultimately to eradicate that stress response and start doing all those things that I know I should be doing in order to reach my creative potential and truly live a fulfilling and happy life.” – Rebecca Fry

Rebecca has just joined me on this exciting new program Excuses Be Gone: From Procrastination to Aligned Action

This is what she had to say after 2 days

" I do feel that I've already broken the old 'pattern' / 'non pattern' of getting up (at whatever time) losing myself on Facebook or something current affairs-zy online.........I could feel a tiny twinge of excitement - when I tapped on the releasing resistance and fear of taking action and choosing to take steps towards reaching my dreams."

And this is what she had to say after the 1st week

"I suddenly feel that so many things are possible. Not as stuck. Things are fluid!


Excuses Be Gone: From Procrastination To Aligned Action - Brand New EFT Tapping and Coaching Program 

Work with me personally over a 4 week period to go really deep and overcome the paralysis of procrastination and free up your energy to take aligned action.

What’s Included

  •  Weekly 1:1 EFT Tapping / Coaching sessions for 4 weeks
  •  Downloadable worksheets, tips and guidance to help you develop new habits
  •  Bespoke guided tapping scripts to work on each day in between our weekly sessions
  •  Unlimited email or messenger contact over the 4 week period to help you stay on track

We'll cover:

  • identifying the limiting stories that are causing the procrastination
  • creating your future vision – what would your life be like if you didn’t procrastinate
  • releasing the limiting stories and blocks from your mind, body and emotions
  • stepping into your destiny and taking aligned action
  • how to stay on track
  • creating new daily habits to support you on your journey

You will have unlimited access to any content produced. I'll be right by your side for the duration of the program supporting you to overcome any resistance that you may feel and helping you to get the results you truly desire.

This is an intense program which will require commitment and action from yourself. If you don't feel ready to take this massive step to banish the excuses and take action now, then this program is not right for you at this moment in time.

However, if you are really sick and tired of hearing yourself repeating the same excuses; feeling stuck; de-motivated whilst watching your energy, resources and ‘money making’ opportunities pass you by then give me a call and join me on the Excuses Be Gone: From Procrastination to Aligned Action Program

And......as if that wasn't exciting enough, here's another bonus for you!

BONUS: An additional Motivation Booster session one month after completing the program, valued at £100

One of my concerns about taking part in any course has always been "how do I maintain the momentum of taking action afterwards?" And this has also been a common theme amongst many of my clients that I work with.

We've all been there, we sign up to a great course and feel motivated and inspired and set off with really good intentions to continue putting in the daily practice and then before long we find ourselves back into the old way of doing things.

That is why I am offering as a bonus an additional Motivation Booster session one month after the program has finished. This will give us the opportunity for checking in with your progress; to tackle any obstacles that you may have come across; and to clear any additional emotional blocks which may have come to your attention.

Ultimately the responsibility for showing up and taking action is yours, but as long as you show up for the weekly sessions the Tapping will help to clear the resistance and blocks which lead to procrastinating behaviour.

And if you do get stuck and need a nudge you can email me at anytime during the program.

The Investment?

So how much does this program cost? 

Well lets just think of it this way……….

What would it be worth to you to have control of your life, to release the blocks that are stopping you from reaching your full potential, to be able to take aligned action towards whatever has had you stuck?

It would be life changing – wouldn’t it?

And what would be the cost to you if you do nothing?

Well, you’ll be pleasantly surprised to know that your investment for the Excuses Be Gone: From Procrastination to Aligned Action Program and all the bonuses is just…….

£800 (incl VAT)

Places are strictly limited to just 4 people on this program at any one time, so if you’re interested and would like to have a chat to see if this is right for you, then drop me a message and we can arrange a call.

You can reach me via email at mailto://info@jane-jackson.co.uk

If you have any questions, drop me a line – but please don’t hesitate. If your instincts are saying this is right for you, then take action now as places will go FAST.