"Life is about breaking our personal limits and outgrowing ourselves to live our best lives "

Sabotage Slaying Quest

Work with me over 5 days to get to the root of your sabotage patterns and release the impact that this has on you and your business.

* Daily video teachings straight to your email

* Unlimited email contact over the 5 days to support you

* Downloadable worksheets and / or EFT Tapping Scripts

We'll cover:

- understanding self-sabotage and why it happens

- identifying your pattern of self-sabotage (how it shows up in your life)

- identifying what is the root cause of your sabotage

- releasing the emotional link to self-sabotage

- creating a plan for future sabotage slaying

Start and finish the program in your own time.

Unlimited access to any content produced.

If you are ready to have a go at Slaying Those Sabotage Gremlins then join me as I get into “Buffy” mode on the Sabotage Slaying Quest

I’m launching this program at the crazy low price of just £49.

Why so low?

Because I want to be able to take as many of you through this process by the end of the year, so that 2017 can be your best ever!

Oh and as if that wasn’t enough I have an extra FREE bonus for you!

BONUS: 1:1 Sabotage Slaying Session

A 30 minute session to help you get to the root of your sabotage, reduce the emotional impact of it and release you to continue your journey into fabulousness.

To register for this program simply follow this link and make the payment.